Coffeeshop Amsterdam

The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Amsterdam Coffeeshops

You’ve not done Dam until you’ve had a smoke in a coffeeshop. But if it’s your first time visiting the place and weed isn’t usually your vibe, it might be a kind of intimidating thought. In reality, there’s seriously nothing to stress about, but there might just be a few things you’d like to know before you go. Follow this guide to the do’s and don’ts of Amsterdam’s coffeeshops, then relax and enjoy hanging with your buds (get it?) in the most chilled out city in Europe.

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1 Speak to a budtender

It’s a good idea to speak to the guy behind the counter before you make an uninformed decision and opt for the one called ‘Big Buddha Cheese’ (just for the jokes name). The budtenders will give you a hand at picking which strand is best for you, but often the menus are pretty good at giving you info on the type, strength and flavour of what’s on offer.

2 Learn the lingo

Sativa, indica, hybrids… Is this another language to you? Here’s the low down…

Sativa: a head high which can make you feel energetic and active.
Indica: a body high which is more likely to make you lazy and sleepy.
Hybrid: a mix of both.

Indica tends to be a good option if you’re new to Dam’s coffeeshops as sativa can sometimes bring on feelings of paranoia.

3 Don’t buy too much

Share! You don’t need a whole bag each. Save dollar, be sociable and share your weed. You can always go up and buy more when you’re out.

4 Don’t smoke tobacco

You’re not allowed to smoke tobacco inside, that covers tobacco in both cigarettes and joints. If you want something to mix with your hash and weed, a lot of coffeeshops will have a sort of herbal mix (an alternative to tobacco) at the counter that you can use for free.

5 Don’t fall asleep!

Classic rookie error. You do not wanna be that tourist who passes out in the corner after one puff.

6 Remember, you’re looking for a coffeeshop

Not a cafe or a koffiehuis (unless you’re after a cup of coffee); a licensed seller of cannabis is called a ‘coffeeshop’. If you’re still confused just check the shop window for a green and white sticker (or give the entrance a sniff), that’ll indicate whether or not you’ll find the good stuff inside.

7 If you’re feeling light headed…

If you start feeling light headed or unwell, raise your sugar levels with a snack from the bar (just please don’t mistake the brownies for the kind your grandma makes). This should balance out how your head is responding to the chemicals.

8 Edibles are intense

The brownies and space cakes might look like a good idea, however they’re not reeeeeally recommended for coffeeshop newbies. The trouble is that edibles don’t hit you until a few hours later (unlike smoking which hits you way quicker), so keeping in control requires experience. Share the brownie, don’t eat one whole. They’re much stronger and trip you out a lot harder.

9 Don’t buy more than 5 grams in a day

You can’t buy more than 5 grams a day in a coffeeshop - that’s the law. Remember this before you go up for more and get shot down by the bud man.

10 Bring your ID

The legal age to smoke weed is 18. Carry your ID with you wherever you go cos even with that grizzly beard you’re probably gonna get asked for it.

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Article by Darcy King